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The Arabian Breeders World Cup


Sheikh Jassim Bin Khalifa Al Thani is delighted  to receive the Arabian Breeders World Cup for the first in Las Vegas.

A runaway victory with 4 champions, 4 silver champions, 10 winners and 9 horses competitively placed in the Top Five

of each class. A spectacular result for the home breeding program.
















Intarah Auction Results


Congratulations to Mindy Peters for buying the CR Jasmeenah embryo right in the Intarah Auction for $ 200 000.

She will be breeding her to Al Ayal AA for her dream foal.

Photos by:  Avalon Photography

Photos:  Mindy Peters by Avalon Photography,  CR Jasmeenah by April Visel,  Al Ayal AA by Kelly Campbell